Jumaat, 5 Jun 2009

the girlfriend project novel written by robin friedman

this is an interesthing novel!
Reed Walton has always been the all around nice guy which
unfortunately,hasn't gotten him very far.
He's seventeen and has never even kissed girl!
Things are looking upfor him now that his glasses and braces
are gone,he's grown a few inches,and he got a new car.All Reed needs
to do next is find the right girl...
but that's easiersaid than done.

To help him out,his best friends Ronnie and Lonnie
set up a web site that will clur Reed in o what girls are looking
for in a guy and,thanks to the sit,girls line up to date with him.
But after one too many disasters,dating turns out to be as confusing
as calculus. Math problem always have a solution,but...
girl problem don't~
Poor u Reed.
so,get your time to fine this novel!
its so interesthing!
The price is only $7.99U.S.

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